A new contribution to the Kadampa meditation in Barcelona

KMC Barcelona

The Can Cet Foundation supports the practice of meditation and the dissemination of the philosophy of Kadampa Buddhism in Barcelona through a new contribution to the Barcelona Kadampa Meditation Center. With the opening of a new urban center in the city, (C/ Berlin, 97), the dissemination of the teachings of contemporary Buddhism will help more […]

Christian Escribà and Cesc Gelabert, new ambassadors of the Can Cet Foundation

Christian Escribà y Cesc Gelabert, nuevos embajadores de la Fundación Can Cet

The Can Cet Foundation has the recent support and commitment of two people recognized socially for their professional and personal merits to whom it has granted the distinction of Ambassadors: the renowned creative and pastry chef Christian Escribà and the internationally renowned dancer, Cesc Gelabert. Escribà and Gelabert joined the last meeting of the Can […]

Public conference in Granollers with G. Kelsang Lochani

Conferència amb G. Kelsang Lochani a Granollers

On September 25, the Kadampa Meditation Center of Barcelona and the Can Cet Foundation brought Buddhist teachings and the ancient method of meditation to all interested people in the Vallés Oriental region, in Barcelona. Through a public conference guided by Gen Kelsang Lochani, main teacher of the New Kadampa Tradition in the province of Barcelona, […]

Agreement with KMC Spain: the 6th Temple for World Peace in Malaga

The Can Cet Foundation supports the dissemination of meditation as a method for self- knowledge, personal growth and spiritual development, and supports the values of Kadampa Buddhism to benefit people in Western society. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide personnel and material support to activities run by the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT-IKBU), an […]

The Can Cet Foundation helps over 2,000 people around the world practise meditation

Through the agreement to support the building of the 6th Temple for World Peace at Spain’s Kadampa Meditation Centre in Malaga, the Can Cet Foundation endowed the New Kadampa Tradition with a financial contribution for the acquisition of furnishings and catering equipment for the main kitchen and the cafeteria of the new temple built in Alhaurín el […]