A new contribution to the Kadampa meditation in Barcelona


KMC Barcelona

The Can Cet Foundation supports the practice of meditation and the dissemination of the philosophy of Kadampa Buddhism in Barcelona through a new contribution to the Barcelona Kadampa Meditation Center.

With the opening of a new urban center in the city, (C/ Berlin, 97), the dissemination of the teachings of contemporary Buddhism will help more people developing peace of mind, cultivating peaceful states and positive attitudes facing life. It is for this reason that the Can Cet Foundation approved to help to the transmission of these teachings in a more effective, extensive and qualified way in the meditation room of this new location of the New Kadampa Tradition in Spain, in the city of Barcelona.

Since the opening of the new center in Barcelona last November, more than 1,000 new people have already benefited from its proposals and activities, which represents a 10% increase in social participation in the city. The new opening will extend and expand the offer of courses, classes and free sessions so that interested people can start and deepen in meditation and in their practice in daily life.

From our Foundation we invest in initiatives like these, that contribute and add value to personal growth and human development, gradually creating a more just and harmonious society. In this sense, one of the main points in the vision of our Foundation is to be a leading reference entity in generating new opportunities that allow the transformation of personal relationships. See more about the Mission, Vision and Values of the Can Cet Foundation.