A group of people with functional diversity visits KMC Barcelona


On 7 May 2022, the Can Cet Foundation, in collaboration with the Barcelona KMC, a Kadampa meditation centre located in Sant Salvador de Guardiola, near the Montserrat mountain, organised an activity for a group of 70 people. Most of them had functional diversity and were users of the La Ginesta Social Club or the Relat’t Social Club, but there were also professionals from the Can Cet social enterprise.

This excursion to the meditation centre enabled participants to enjoy a relaxing day in the heart of nature. After a vegetarian brunch served by KMC Barcelona volunteers, they took part in a meditation workshop in which they learned essential tips to start practising this method for mental peace and where they had a practical experience of meditation to help connect with their ability to feel serene and calm. A walk through the natural environment and an afternoon snack put the finishing touches on a day that everyone who attended said they would repeat without hesitation.

Running activities like these, aimed at vulnerable groups such as people with functional diversity or at risk of social exclusion, the Can Cet Foundation works to help them manage their emotions, enrich their relationships and learn to enjoy nature and techniques for relaxation and self-knowledge, enabling them to develop their personal growth and discover their spiritual capacity for a fulfilling life and overall wellbeing.

The development of this project is possible thanks to the collaboration agreement between the Can Cet social enterprise and the Can Cet Foundation.