The Can Cet Foundation at the end-of-year event and party of El Picot de Colors


Festa Fi de curs El Picot de Colors

On June 22nd, the end-of-year event for the infant and primary school groups of El Picot de Colors took place. It was held in the educational community space, in the Montseny Natural Park, and it was possible thanks to the signed agreement with the Can Cet Foundation.

Around 100 people participated and enjoyed this funny, participative and collaborative event, where students, educators, families and friends could share good times, laugh and dance with the performance of the Pol Nord group and Dj Dr. Strange.

During the party, the president of Educant en Colors, David Codina, and Olga Riba, secretary and founder of the Can Cet Foundation, presented to the attendees the scope of the collaboration agreement between both entities, which includes two courses, 2022-23 and 2023-24, in which the Foundation supports El Picot de Colors through a financial contribution.

Our Foundation was very present at the party and strengthened ties with all the people who are part of the El Picot de Colors educational project.

For more information, read more about this agreement here.