New agreement with the association Educant en Colors – El Picot de Colors


El Picot de Colors

On June 13th, the Can Cet Foundation signed a collaboration to promote active and respectful education in childhood. Olga Riba, secretary and founder of the board of trustees, formalized a commitment to the Educant in Colors (El Picot de Colors) association. It was in an special event and signing an agreement, hand in hand with its president, David Codina.

The agreement is for one year and covers two academic years, 2022-23 and 2023-24, in which the Foundation will support El Picot de Colors through an economic contribution to achieve certain goals and priorities for the improvement of the project with a direct positive impact on children.

In this sense, the educational project El Picot de Colors will enrich the bibliographic, musical, corporal and English-language pedagogical material, as well as its digital material. In addition, it will carry out training for educators in monitoringof sexuality and gender perspective, and will work on activities for the community of families.

The proposal presented by El Picot de Colors was valued very positively, as it is an initiative aligned with the values and principles of the Can Cet Foundation. The Educant in Colors association (El Picot de Colors) is a non-profit association, a self-managed learning community that accompanies the growth of children from 3 to 12 years old, from a lively, active and conscious education. They offer an open space for growth and learning, fully integrated into nature, within the Montseny Natural Park. Their main objective  is to strengthen the child’s loving relationship with all the learning possibilities that life offers us, respecting the individual rhythm of each person.

The development of this project is possible thanks to the collaboration agreement between the Can Cet social enterprise and the Can Cet Foundation.